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8 Ways to Get Your Kid Ready for Day Camp

Your little one might have nerves about ending the school year and starting day camp. These expert tips will help you prepare for the first day.​

By Cheryl Maguire |

Playing Tug of War

It's official! Your kid is registered for summer day camp. This is going to be such a great experience for your little one! But now you're wondering, "What do I have to do to prepare my child, and myself, for the first day?"

When heading to camp for the first time, kids are often nervous about trying new activities, making friends, and separating from their parents, says Heather McCarthy, LICSW, a social worker for children. She recommends addressing these fears by asking your child about his or her anxieties. "Most kids are anxious going into new situations," she says. "Parents can validate these feelings by letting them know it's normal."

In order for your child to experience an easy transition, camp experts have suggested running the following errands and having basic conversations before the first day:


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